In a short period of time, Mercedes has introduced a number of innovations taking advantage of the last Geneva Motor Show and now the occasion of the Hall of New York. Many of these developments have been sealed by the mythical acronym AMG, as the C43 4MATIC (coupe and cabrio), the E43 4MATIC, the GLC 43 4MATIC or CLA 45 4MATIC, although some of them were not wearing these 'magic' letters but are equally important and interesting, like the Mercedes GLC Coupe, which shares stand in New York with our protagonist, the Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabrio, with supplementing the range of Class C.

never been complete range of Mercedes Class C, currently has sedan body, family, coupe and convertible, with engines, finishes and equipment for all tastes and also two variants AMG, the C43 and C63, Come on, if you do not find the C class that fits your tastes and needs you are someone you are very fussy or someone very rare. It may also be that you'll be waiting for the model you can see in the pictures, the C convertible Class signed by AMG and the 'big' engine, the V8 twin-turbo 4-liter power levels already seen in other cars that use said engine: 476 hp for the AMG 'plain' and 510 hp for the 'S'.


 Contrary to what happens with the C43, this building basing its engine in philosophy 'One man-one engine' of Mercedes, where each mechanical is mounted by a single operator in Affalterbach. Of course, Mercedes did not lose the occasion to remind us that this is related to the engine used by the GT, for this and for many others, it must be said. They also claim that it is the only model in its segment to use a V8 biturbo engine also has the distinction of positioning the turbos in the center of the V and not at the ends to make it much more compact, more linear response and better emissions data we already knew but it is always interesting to remember.
Said motor is coupled to the automatic transmission AMG Speedshift MTC 7, a change that is not dual clutch but replacing the torque converter by a multidisc set whose management has been adapted to the rafter and connected in turn to a limited slip rear differential which can be mechanical in version of 476 hp and electronically controlled at 510 hp.  

Like everything convertible, the weight is increased compared to the coupe version, but do not say how much, however it does facilitate weight in running order, which stands at 1,910 kg for the C63 and 1,925 kg for the C63 S. are more than 100 kg of overweight Cabrio and here, I want to make a small point. Generally, when a new model is projected will have many things in mind, such as the launch of a convertible version, rarely this decision is made by the way, so I do not understand how a chassis so is not designed that when the convertible version is developed, not be necessary to reinforce the structure and thus save the disadvantage of increasing the weight. 1,925 kg I think one pass for a car like the Mercedes C-Class, is closer to a Mercedes S Class ...
That aside, we turn to other sections of the new Mercedes-AMG C63 cabriolet, as the undercarriage, which features a front axle with four arms and radial integration of the brakes, which the brand is' similar to that used in competition ', while the rear axle is shared with the coupe. The brakes can have 402 mm in diameter (offered in option) and no shortage of AIRSCARF systems, integrated in the headrests heating, or automatic windshield AIRCAP. The hood can be removed up to a speed of 50 km / h and has driving modes already seen in other models: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, plus one for the C63 S called RACE.

As usual since the German firm, there will be a 'Edition 1' with specific equipment, many of the options series and only available in white. It will be available from August 2016.


Original article: Mercedes-AMG C63 Cabrio, la gama se completa

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