Jaguar seems to have taken a liking to that of reissuing classic models of past decades, but not as have Volkswagen with the Beetle or Fiat with the 500, not at all, in the British firm are much more pimps and when they say 'republish' is republish as came into the world in its first release. They did it with the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight in 2014, when they put into making the 6 units that were missing to complete the roll provided for in the 60s (even using the same chassis numbers then) and now, they will end another incomplete saga, this time, we should say that they will resurrect a missing in a small mishap units.

    During the 50s, Jaguar was competing in the International Sport Car Racing throughout the world with the spectacular Jaguar D-Type, a model that gave the British all kinds of joys and victory at Le Mans in 1955 and 1957. But the category passed away at the factory and some units of the D-Type unsold, some of them completely finished and others in the absence of some work. In total was 25 copies so that Jaguar had to do something, it was simply transform and adapt to driving on public roads thus giving birth to the Jaguar XKSS, which is nothing more than a legal D-Type for driving on roads as both tuning, as the engine and others, were the same without any variation, all that distinguished them was the appearance of a trunk, an additional seat, direction indicators and a rudimentary roof if the rains.

Under the hood, the same inline 6-cylinder 3400 cc and 250 hp, capable of launching the D-Type up to 100 km / h from standstill in 6 seconds and to reach 240 km / h. Benefits scandal back in the late 50s.

However, during the night of February 12, 1957, a fire at the Browns Lane plant he wiped out a lot of material, objects and 9 of the 25 units Jaguar XKSS that were kept there. I think it goes without saying that Jaguar will produce these 9 units that ended up being burnt down, do you? They will also be manufactured using the same methods at the time, keeping the specifications, design, performance ... in short, will make the 9 units that burned in 1957. Point.

Although, and this makes it very clear where end units, each XKSS Jaguar to be manufactured will cost in the order of 1,250,000 euros and logically end up being the subject of speculation. Moreover, they probably already are the subject of this and there is not even mounted units.

Original article:  Jaguar XKSS, nueva edición limitada de un modelo de hace decadas


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