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    When already half a year we know the fourth generation of French compact, and even bears and a few months on sale, come to the fore some details of how it could be his beloved high-performance version makes the Renault Megane RS, with the new changes could be a real missile.
    As reported in the British middle AutoExpress, a person involved in the project would advance some important points that would mean a real revolution. The newest undoubtedly would be the arrival of all-wheel drive to spicier Mégane, which combined with a significant amount of power and by the innovative 4Control system 4 wheels, would make the new Mégane RS drawn as any of its rivals the most serpentine roads

     It also suggests that this important power figure exceeded the psychological barrier of 300 hp, always keeping in focus the current Ford Focus RS, which already exceeds loosely that barrier, offering 350 hp and all-wheel drive.
    If we talk about transmissions, most likely in Renault Sport included within the envelope of this Mégane a gearbox double clutch EDC, similar to that already mounted on the Clio RS, and have to cross our fingers that they have been agreed by the purists drivers and also offer a manual gearbox.
  We lack the most important: when reaches the market ?. For sure there is no official date for the moment, but it looks like it will not come before 2017. Meanwhile we can always opt for the Renault Megane GT, which this month for about 27,000 € offers 205 horsepower, 4 Control, and some adjustments by Renault Sport.  Original article:  ¿Tracción total para el nuevo Renault Mégane RS?

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