As a company with a professional profile, we can not eliminate the risk of fraud but we can mitigate offering advice to our clients. Please check out our suggestions below and take ownership of them. Help us stop fraud. If you receive a suspicious email or been scammed contact the appropriate authorities immediately.

If you are the victim of a scam, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by describing what happened.

Reship immediately any suspicious emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Do not change the subject line or send it as an attachment, because doing so might prevent the identification of trends and the prevention of similar scams.

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File a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center to inform federal and state agencies responsible for law enforcement.

We recommend that fraud to the local police report as well. AutoLatino investigates reports presented in an effort to protect our customers against future fraud.

We support agencies law enforcement in the prosecution of Internet criminals and work diligently to prevent fraud.

AutoLatino do not own, buy or sell vehicles.

AutoLatino is a search service vehicles in line connecting car buyers with sellers. We are not car dealer. Any information of a particular car comes directly from the seller not us. We do not provide automotive storage or shipping. Any email that asks for a deposit or payment for a shipment of a saved AutoLatino car in a store is a scam. AutoLatino does not own a store, and we do not ship cars. In short, we do not engage in transactions between buyers and sellers (see below). There are many storage facilities and reputable shipping can make transactions easy long distance. Just be sure to check out the services offered by your account. If a seller recommends provides storage or shipment, inform the seller for us and for law enforcement.

AutoLatino do not engage in transactions between buyers and sellers.

Do not respond to any email that appears to come from AutoLatino and urges him to complete the purchase or sale of a car that appears on our site. These emails are a sure sign of a scam.

AutoLatino do not request personal/financial information by email.

Online fraud often starts with a fake email requesting financial information. These parody, or scam emails often masquerade as a reputable company such as AutoLatino illegally showing the name, logo or mark of a company. The intent is to deceive customers into revealing information such as:

User name


Social Security number

Bank account number

Bank Routing Number

Credit card number

Hurricane Katrina flooded an estimated half a million cars.

These damaged vehicles may do so in the used car market throughout the US and can be sold to unsuspecting buyers.
Note that these vehicles may have been:

Submerged in water and covered in mud.

Contaminated with toxic chemicals.

Carrying large amounts of hazardous waste.

Corroded, causing damage to electronic components.

To avoid buying a flood-damaged vehicle:

Inspect the car schedule an inspection with a professional mechanic who is trained in the management of flood damaged vehicles. Look for mud or rust under the carpet in the lowlands, and the trunk floor, and in enclosed areas such as doors, panels and gas tanks. Inspect headlights and door panels of a water line. Avoid skin contact with liquids and wear protective gloves nitrile membrane where possible. Check the title not just look for titles Louisiana. Damaged vehicles may have been registered out of state. Also note that titles can be altered and moved to different states, not all states require that the title of a vehicle indicate whether or not recovered. Check the VIN on the national database of the National Insurance Crime Bureau compiled a database of the vehicles involved in the recent hurricanes. Check the VIN load to help determine if the vehicle was involved, either Hurricane Katrina or Rita. Please note that vehicles may be affected by the hurricanes that are not included in this database. Obtain a vehicle history report report CARFAX vehicle history can provide useful information such as who holds the title, if the car has been in an accident and if ever reported stolen, recovered or damaged.
If you own a flood-damaged, contact your insurance carrier. Your insurance company can work with suppliers to determine if your car is worth repairing or needs to be declared a total loss. Beware of fraudulent deposit services and protected with secure payment.