Are you preparing for the return of SEAT Marbella?

      New rumors arrive on the future of SEAT. After confirming the arrival next year of a new SUV that will be positioned in the range just below the new Ateca, from Automarket we announce that the third member of the offensive SUV of the Spanish company would be called SEAT Marbella.
    The revival of the legendary Marbella come associated with a mini SUV that would be based on the platform shared by the trio of urban formed by the SEAT Mii, the Citigo Skoda and Volkswagen Up !. Its content size, combined with the launch slogan "Keep it simple", we would suggest that it could be the perfect reinterpretation of Marbella achiever can see still circulating in many of our roads, especially in rural areas.
       Yes, a reinterpretation somewhat modernized. And, from the aforementioned means they indicate that with a traditional mechanical offer also offer a 100% electric version. Which would be the first all-electric vehicle for now SEAT offer a range of about 200 kilometers.
    In view of these data, it would be strange that besides the trio of urban platform, this resurgence of Marbella Tomase also borrowed its mechanics offer. Recall that for a while Volkswagen sells the E-Up !, an electric supermini that offers a driving range of about 160 kilometers ago.
    To know to what extent these rumors become reality we are left to wait. Sincerosnos still love to have the Marbella on our roads, and even more this possible reinterpretation which includes electric version.
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Volkswagen Beetle 2016, renewing an icon

      After meeting this week the arrival in our country of the Beetle Dune, the jacket variant of the model that opens specifications 2016, it is now time to witness updating the conventional Beetle, which like the Dune, is offered as to date in two body styles: coupe and convertible.
    The Volkswagen Beetle 2016 looks little changed from the model 2011 with the German giant premiered this current generation; a feeling that is particularly accentuated on the outside. A new front and rear bumpers, a smoked rear lights and an R-Line finishing with a new grille located immediately below the bonnet line, mark the aesthetic differences from its predecessor.
       To this should be added the increase in the  pathways customization, including no shortage of new colors for your body, plus new wheel designs.
    A personalization that also grows inside. For this area we can choose between multiple tapestries, moldings or trim packs. The result is the most attractive, offering challenging aspect with hints of modernity, especially located in the center console, where we meet next-generation infotainment systems.
     A mechanical effects, your options remain unchanged. Or what is the same, this 2016 Volkswagen Beetle will be available in 3 versions gasoline TSI 105, 150 and 220 hp, plus 2 versions TDI of 110 and 150 hp. The popular DSG will be available according to versions.
    The Volkswagen Beetle 2016 range is now available in Volkswagen dealer network in Spain with a price of Ôé¼ 21,330 for the Coupe and Ôé¼ 25,820 for the Convertible.
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When we have just yet had a chance to see live and live the new SUV SEAT, who is already pointing to Cupra version will feature a high-performance, his debut could be after the summer; specifically in October, coinciding with the Paris Motor Show.
Since the average British AutoExpress revealed that plans could be the Spanish firm Volkswagen Group to expand the good image and good acceptance is presumed to their latest creation. A pretty logical step, because if anything distinguishes SEAT in its latest stage is for making the Sportsmanship his standard, either versions FR or Cupra and Cupra R, real queens of high performance.


According to notes from the aforementioned medium, Ateca Cupra would have a distinct and distinctly sporty cut aesthetic, incorporating a new body kit, wheels larger, twin exhaust pipes or even a high ground clearance lowered to provide greater stability this spicy SUV.
Like the conventional Ateca has a lot of Le├│n, this would have much Ateca Cupra compact with identical name. It could take the 2.0 Turbo gasoline engine, but this time receive a series of adjustments to reach the round figure of 300 hp. A force that presumably would be sent to both axes, with all-wheel drive.


Engine response, steering, suspension hardness or the exhaust sound could be adjusted depending on the driving mode selected, as already happens in various vehicles available on the market. Even now there is speculation compact SUV benefits, claiming that he could sign the 0 to 100 in about 6 seconds.
At the moment there is no official confirmation of the arrival of SEAT Cupra Ateca, let alone the date at which point from UK. To find out for sure we have no other choice but to wait, although we can not deny that the idea of expanding the Cupra family is more than seductive.
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    These maintenance services are used for new cars or used, and do not require many tools. There are five basic services, but very important for the proper operation of your vehicle.


  1. Review of tire pressure. It will take about fifteen minutes to do. Do it once a month. Some tires inflated to the correct pressure can save up to $ 112 a year on gas. If you do not have a meter of air, go to the nearest gas station. The owner's manual indicates the correct inflation pressure.



  1. Tire rotation. Take the car to a workshop for this service would cost between 40 and 60 dollars. You can do it with the help of a hydraulic jack and a wrench to remove the tire. Pass the front tires back and vice versa.



  1. Changing the air filter. A mechanic will charge between 20 and 80 dollars for this work. Do it yourself with a screwdriver and a new filter. It will take less than 10 minutes. This service helps remove dirt from the engine and improves fuel efficiency.


  1. Replacement bulbs and fuses. Depending on the model and year of the vehicle, a workshop could charge 17 to $ 100 to change light bulbs and fuses. With a little patience you can handle this job. To find the right fuse need to read the electric table that comes in the owner's manual. The parts are inexpensive and come in packages with two or more pieces.



  1.  Oil change. Save 30 to $ 60 yourself changing the oil in your car. With the necessary items, just buy cans of oil and a new filter. It will take about an hour and your engine will feel fully renovated. EC


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        Innovation has always been present among the main values associated with the brand of the star. A while now that same innovation has been moving towards ecology, with the development in the first instance of various concepts, which serve as a test before removing the gas models, hybrid, electric or hybrid market Plug as those now Mercedes offers within its range.
    This reality has not just begun, to the point that the head of Sales and Marketing of the German giant, Olla K├ñllenius, believe it appropriate to launch a specific sub-brand under which agolpar all particularly efficient vehicles, as have confessed the British Autocar middle management.
      At the moment, waiting to see if finally Mercedes are encouraged to undertake this new adventure that could fight face to face with BMW i, the greenest part of his eternal Bavarian rival sub, the manager said before the aforementioned means that the offer these models continue to grow strongly in the short and medium term.
    Without going any further, before the end of this year should reach 3 new electric models, the new B-Class Electric Drive and two different Smart. To them must be added the arrival in 2017 of an innovative hydrogen fuel cell SUV, the GLC F-CELL, and the expansion of the supply of plug-in hybrid models, which in late 2017 count with 10 members. Car Finder

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