When already half a year we know the fourth generation of French compact, and even bears and a few months on sale, come to the fore some details of how it could be his beloved high-performance version makes the Renault Megane RS, with the new changes could be a real missile.
    As reported in the British middle AutoExpress, a person involved in the project would advance some important points that would mean a real revolution. The newest undoubtedly would be the arrival of all-wheel drive to spicier Mégane, which combined with a significant amount of power and by the innovative 4Control system 4 wheels, would make the new Mégane RS drawn as any of its rivals the most serpentine roads
      It also suggests that this important power figure exceeded the psychological barrier of 300 hp, always keeping in focus the current Ford Focus RS, which already exceeds loosely that barrier, offering 350 hp and all-wheel drive.
    If we talk about transmissions, most likely in Renault Sport included within the envelope of this Mégane a gearbox double clutch EDC, similar to that already mounted on the Clio RS, and have to cross our fingers that they have been agreed by the purists drivers and also offer a manual gearbox.
  We lack the most important: when reaches the market ?. For sure there is no official date for the moment, but it looks like it will not come before 2017. Meanwhile we can always opt for the Renault Megane GT, which this month for about 27,000 € offers 205 horsepower, 4 Control, and some adjustments by Renault Sport.  Original article:  ¿Tracción total para el nuevo Renault Mégane RS?

    I recognize that I have in this journalism relatively short time engine, but as a reader I 'school'. I've been buying magazines since 1997 at a rate of 4 or 5 a month, now, that I can ride me a kiosk and even make money. They are 19 years soaking up everything that happens in this world ours and has always been a phrase that made me 'upside down' and also has generated some debate that a more than interesting, but had never dared to write about it until today. The above phrase is 'the best car in the world'.

    I've been watching this name since I can remember and always, always, attributed to, when more powerful and faster, better sports models. But, is it really a sport the best car in the world? Absolutely not, a sport not be the best car in the world for many reasons, but the sea of ​​capricious issues, it seems that only such cars are the only ones considered in this way. and stating that I am totally loving the sport, regardless of their size or brand. I do not want to contradict my colleagues, some of them with many years behind that give them knowledge more than enough to give me an important review, but I think when that name is used not done with the head, it becomes with the heart, it is passionate regardless of anything else.


    On the one hand of course, all those who are dedicated to this, or at least the vast majority, are fans of the car and if we are achuchas with a lighter will burn for hours because we have blood in our veins, we have gasoline, but I think it is just stop and really think about what the phrase means 'the best car in the world'. Personally, I think there is not the best car in the world, but a bad buy, a bad decision to spend a good amount of money on something that does not conform to our needs or our tastes. I understand how the most, that there is in our dream garage site for cars such as the Peugeot 107 with 68 hp but for the new BMW M2, myself sleep with a Escort RS Cosworth parked next to a Mercedes W124 (or the C124, I am indifferent coupe or sedan that is), but I'm clearly not the best cars in the world.

    All this comes to mind because I found myself reading a magazine, number 85 Classic Car for more information, where a report by F40 which states that it is 'the best car in the world' comes. This made me think it's not the only one attached to this statement, here we have cars like the McLaren F1 or the last Bugatti, the Veyron and Chiron, both named as the best cars in the world, each in its time . It is clear that the power, a striking image and add a mythical firm behind all the ballots to receive said 'trophy'. No doubt the F40 is amazing, is spectacular, fast, shocking even after 30 years, but does not understand anything that is not going to fire in closed and not me track, say those who have had the privilege to prove; It is uncomfortable to absurd limits on the road, very noisy, it is impractical, no luggage or air conditioning ... It is a race car !! Such a vehicle may not be the best car in the world, if it can be 'the best sports', but not the best car.



    Maybe it's that I see the car in a different way, but the best car in the world should be good at everything, that is, should be a great car in town, just as good on the road, you should have plenty of room for five occupants and your luggage but in turn not be too large because the city would be a problem. It should be a sports great and good off-road, almost impossible things to mix as much as manufacturers insist with those SUV so powerful and fast a ground clearance that allows to walk freely outside the asphalt does not get along with a dynamic sport ... in short, it is impossible to have the best car in the world, there is a bad buy.

    Now when we talk about cars as mentioned above, the F40, F1, Veyron and Chiron, we are talking about cars whim of cars they buy or to show off (in more cases than it should) or to enjoy wearing them for what they are designed, scatter in circuit, and therefore, no need to look further. In fact, these cars are used very little, just a few hundred kilometers per year, in many cases do not reach even 1,000 km annually.



    All this also makes me think of a car that does not come anywhere near that here named (except the small 107, which passes over) but that has always been attributed a similar name, I mean obviously the Volkswagen Golf , a car since he left that first GTi 80, has not stopped gaining adherents and praises media and other people in the scene. Let no one doubt about the worth of Golf, is a great car, a complete set, but does it really deserves its fame ?, perhaps pass as the F40 and others, that the name and gained fame end up making people think so, but at least it is not a radical sports like the other protagonists of this text covers many more topics that will come close to what could be the best car in the world, but I say again, the best car in the world does not exist, at least for this writer.

    Clarify however, that not talking about the awards for best car of the year or anything like that, in the history of these awards have only been a sports and was the Porsche 928 that received the award in 1978. Regarding the Volkswagen Golf, as He mentioned, if you have received the award for best coach of the year on several occasions and even in North America.


Original article: ¿El mejor automóvil del mundo?

     Another early bird, or rather night owls, this edition of the International New York International Auto Show is this Subaru Impreza Sedan 2017, which like the GLC Coupe Star has advanced even shot official start of the event New York, staying up late the night before.
    Although throughout the day we will know all the details of the model, both the sedan body, as in the hatchback, we could not contain ourselves and come forward image will finally have the production version. And the truth is that the result is a bit light when compared to the groundbreaking concept that the mark of the Pleiades showed us in the latter part of 2015.
     The Impreza Sedan 2017 production reaching loses, therefore, much of the muscle that showed us a prototype, thus being, what we might call a thinned version of the concept. However, the evolution of design is remarkable, noting the effect of the new global platform, which enables provide greater interior roominess, after growing its wheelbase.    In terms of interior design, the new Impreza evolves less, but gives the feeling of being a more rational, more comfortable vehicle. Certainly include two screens in the center console, which occupy an infotainment system, and another to show information concerning the operation of the vehicle.      For other details of the model (equipment, characteristics, mechanical ...) as well as data relating to the 5-door body, still we have to wait for the Subaru press conference in the Hall of New York. We will expand information as we go knowing it.  Original article:  Subaru Impreza Sedán 2017, finalmente un tanto light   

    Jaguar seems to have taken a liking to that of reissuing classic models of past decades, but not as have Volkswagen with the Beetle or Fiat with the 500, not at all, in the British firm are much more pimps and when they say 'republish' is republish as came into the world in its first release. They did it with the Jaguar E-Type Lightweight in 2014, when they put into making the 6 units that were missing to complete the roll provided for in the 60s (even using the same chassis numbers then) and now, they will end another incomplete saga, this time, we should say that they will resurrect a missing in a small mishap units.

    During the 50s, Jaguar was competing in the International Sport Car Racing throughout the world with the spectacular Jaguar D-Type, a model that gave the British all kinds of joys and victory at Le Mans in 1955 and 1957. But the category passed away at the factory and some units of the D-Type unsold, some of them completely finished and others in the absence of some work. In total was 25 copies so that Jaguar had to do something, it was simply transform and adapt to driving on public roads thus giving birth to the Jaguar XKSS, which is nothing more than a legal D-Type for driving on roads as both tuning, as the engine and others, were the same without any variation, all that distinguished them was the appearance of a trunk, an additional seat, direction indicators and a rudimentary roof if the rains.

Under the hood, the same inline 6-cylinder 3400 cc and 250 hp, capable of launching the D-Type up to 100 km / h from standstill in 6 seconds and to reach 240 km / h. Benefits scandal back in the late 50s.

However, during the night of February 12, 1957, a fire at the Browns Lane plant he wiped out a lot of material, objects and 9 of the 25 units Jaguar XKSS that were kept there. I think it goes without saying that Jaguar will produce these 9 units that ended up being burnt down, do you? They will also be manufactured using the same methods at the time, keeping the specifications, design, performance ... in short, will make the 9 units that burned in 1957. Point.

Although, and this makes it very clear where end units, each XKSS Jaguar to be manufactured will cost in the order of 1,250,000 euros and logically end up being the subject of speculation. Moreover, they probably already are the subject of this and there is not even mounted units.

Original article:  Jaguar XKSS, nueva edición limitada de un modelo de hace decadas


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