Another early bird, or rather night owls, this edition of the International New York International Auto Show is this Subaru Impreza Sedan 2017, which like the GLC Coupe Star has advanced even shot official start of the event New York, staying up late the night before.
    Although throughout the day we will know all the details of the model, both the sedan body, as in the hatchback, we could not contain ourselves and come forward image will finally have the production version. And the truth is that the result is a bit light when compared to the groundbreaking concept that the mark of the Pleiades showed us in the latter part of 2015.
     The Impreza Sedan 2017 production reaching loses, therefore, much of the muscle that showed us a prototype, thus being, what we might call a thinned version of the concept. However, the evolution of design is remarkable, noting the effect of the new global platform, which enables provide greater interior roominess, after growing its wheelbase.    In terms of interior design, the new Impreza evolves less, but gives the feeling of being a more rational, more comfortable vehicle. Certainly include two screens in the center console, which occupy an infotainment system, and another to show information concerning the operation of the vehicle.      For other details of the model (equipment, characteristics, mechanical ...) as well as data relating to the 5-door body, still we have to wait for the Subaru press conference in the Hall of New York. We will expand information as we go knowing it.  Original article:  Subaru Impreza Sedán 2017, finalmente un tanto light   

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